I’m sure there isn’t enough space to encompass my Olivet College experience fully! My journey started in high school when I attempted to select a college to attend. I was hopeful that I would receive a football or track scholarship. Michigan Tech, CMU, and FSU all voiced interest. However, my mind was made up when Barry Larkin, track coach at Olivet College, drove three hours to Hale to spend the night visiting my home and then drove an additional two hours to see me run the next day. Olivet couldn’t provide me with a scholarship, but they demonstrated how much they cared about students and the lengths they would go to see students succeed.

While I have no outstanding football or track stories to share, I can say how grateful I am to have been able to play both sports during my freshman year. I made so many friends during that time! I also chose to pledge Phi Alpha Pi. The pledging process was no joke, but looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. Shortly after joining, our frat house burned down, and we immediately came together to help rebuild. Our brotherhood was so unique, even during highly competitive pledge games. The relationships I made have lasted. I have so many fun memories, including intramural sports, frat parties, frequent trips to MSU, and sharing typewriters. We even managed to make it to class because it was important (we also had to keep our parents off our backs, ha!).

I’m eternally grateful for my years at Olivet and am blessed to have made that selection. I could write for hours about my adventures and life experiences. Oh, the stories I could tell! If there’s one message I would share with future students, it would be to come to Olivet College! You won’t be lost among a million! Olivet will become your family.