OC instilled in me the values of individual and social responsibility; I was even on their commercial saying the line “I am responsible for treating all people with respect.” It wasn’t just a line; I was determined to live out those words in everything I do. I was held accountable for my actions (of course I screwed up from time to time) and learned to be a responsible adult while attending OC. Service Day promoted community service, which is still a big part of my life. I spent 8 years helping run an organization in Haiti, and currently serve on my church’s special needs Equine therapy team, am a greeter at church, and volunteer at Hannah’s Home for homeless and teen mothers. Since attending Olivet, I’ve been involved in serving in at least one organization. This is rewarding in itself, but knowing that a small selfless act can impact the greater community is something that I will never forget from my days at Olivet. I hope that future students find family and community while attending OC, and that they go into the world as responsible young adults and productive members of society.