At the beginning of 2012, my senior year of High School, I was lost and unsure of my hopes of playing college football. I had the academics to attend any school, but I also had hopes of playing college football. Olivet was the only school that gave me a chance to fulfill my hopes and dreams!
On October 5th, 2013, my sophomore year, I ruptured my Achilles during a football game against Alma College while playing wide receiver. My dad lost his job the week before this tragic incident happened, so I had no insurance covering my medical expenses. Ryan Shockey was the Head Athletic Trainer at the time of this event, and this was his first year as our head trainer. On October 7th, Ryan called me to his office to set up my insurance so he could set an appointment for my MRI test to confirm the tear in my Achilles. My insurance was declined due to my father’s release from his job. I left the office depressed, but Ryan told me everything would be okay. My father and my mother called me later that day, and they both prayed for me over the phone and told me to believe that God will make a way. On October 8th, Ryan called me and told me to come to his office for some good news. Ryan told me that Olivet’s Secondary Insurance Program would help pay for my medical expenses so I could complete the MRI testing and surgery. When he told me the news, I praised God for that moment and looked forward to getting my Achilles repaired!
Not only was I rehabbing my Achilles, but I was also rehabbing my spiritual and mental relationship with God. My faith and my patience with God became stronger after this tragic event. Olivet was the place that allowed me to be someone great and fulfill my dreams when other schools counted me out. Nine months after I rehabbed my Achilles, I was cleared to fully participate in all football activities. I came back my junior year and won 2nd team All-Conference, 1st team All-Conference my Senior year, and the 2015 MIAA Championship my senior year. It’s almost as if the injury made me a better person and football player after my comeback. But I couldn’t have done it without God, my family, Ryan Shockey, my coaches, my teammates believing in me, and Olivet College for giving me a chance! That is my Olivet story.