Olivet College was and still is an important part of my life. I met Preston in 1962 and got married in 1964 and we were married for 43 years before he passed from cancer.

My sorority Soronian sisters are still an important part of my life with many of us still seeing each other on a yearly basis. We try to get together at Homecoming and spend a few days in the summer at a home on a lake.

John and I met on a cruise ship and married several years ago. We spend a lot of time on the water, just as Preston and I used to. I went back to being a substitute teacher a few years ago as there is a strong need in Naples.Florida.

I am happy for those who are attending Olivet College. Lifelong connections are made and a lot of the information has carried on in my memory over the years.

Barb Stockman and I took French with Monsieur Laniel and now we have reconnected in Florida in Alliance Francaise of Naples. We have both been on the board to promote the French language, culture and food.
I hope that the students take advantage of the 4 years as it is an experience that will not be repeated in life.