I fell in love with Olivet College’s campus. From the time I sent that little information card back to the college to the first time I visited and after my graduation, the faculty and staff made it a point to stay connected with me. Coming from my hometown of Chicago where three million people live, it was so nice to experience the true small-town feeling. At first, I actually felt awkward when people said hello on campus, but I thought it was so nice and so different from Chicago.

After graduating from Olivet in 2007 I wanted to stay connected in various ways. Marty Jennings reached out to me back in 2017 and proposed that I join the Alumni Council. This opportunity presented itself at the right time in my life since it allowed me to stay connected to the college after graduation. I was also able to bring my professional experience to the table. I have interviewed students for scholarships, spoken on an alumni panel, and even spoken to students in a seminar on what challenges they might face after graduation in the professional world.

My hope for Olivet’s future students is that they come to explore what the college can offer. Really immerse yourself in your studies but also in extracurricular activities such as student groups, student jobs, or sports. Take risks and think outside of the box. The world is a big place and we need innovators and most importantly kind and authentic people.