It’s hard to say how one’s life was affected by taking one path versus another at ANY crossroad in life, but I will always treasure the decision that took me to Olivet College. At 79, I still have clear memories of so many instructors who showed a personal interest in me and classmates whose friendships I value to this day. My story since graduation in 1967 was perhaps best told by the profile prepared when Olivet awarded me the Distinguished Alumni Award on May 4, 1985.

Since then, my life has been a dizzying kaleidoscope of adventures, setbacks, and successes, too numerous to summarize. But it’s clear to me that Olivet College was certainly a major influence on my life.

In the early 2000s, a company formed to “digitize” old-fashioned “family albums” (cumbersome analog photos, videos, clippings, etc.) and created the website Through them, I was able to post some of my work samples. One of them is a 1993 “Telly (Oscar) Award” video titled “The Possible Dream.” This video was requested by the U.S. DOJ and introduced by then-Attorney General Janet Reno. It is the work of which I’m most proud!